Q. How big an engine can I fit?
A. Each boat has a recommended maximum engine power. You will see these noted in the description pages for each boat. You should not fit a more powerful engine than the boat is rated to handle.

General FAQs

Q. Are they really recyclable?
A. Yes. These boats are made with a material called Polyethylene. It is completely recyclable, as are all the components on your Pioner boat.
Of course, these boats last for so long it will be a while before you get to that stage, but isn't it good to know that when you're finally finished with it, it an be broken down and made into something else? Like another Pioner boat for example!
Q. How long do these boats last?
A. Pioner Leisure boats sold in the UK come with a ten year warranty. We still hear from a man who bought his boat from us in the 1970's and it's still going strong!
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...how Pioner boats can let you and your family enjoy the the pleasures of boating. From dinghies for fishing or exploring waterways, to high performance sports boats. Take a look at the range of leisure craft here. Read More...

What Pioner customers say...

Our team worked closely with staff from Pioner during the development stage to ensure that the final product met the specification required, modifications to suit the Service needs were dealt with in a professional and timely manner.

Marvin Smith

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Working Boats

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